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Anointing Spoon: A Brief History Of The Anointing Spoon

Anointing Spoons

The anointing spoon is a very special spoon used in many Christian churches during the sacrament of Holy Anointing. The oil used in this sacrament is blessed by a bishop or priest and is said to have healing properties. While the use of an anointing spoon may seem like a relic of the past, it is actually still quite common in many Christian churches today.

So, why is the anointing spoon so special? Well, the oil used in the sacrament of Holy Anointing is said to have healing properties. This makes the anointing spoon a very powerful tool for those who believe in its healing power. If you are looking for a way to heal yourself or someone you love, consider using an anointing spoon in your next church service.

The anointing spoon is a special spoon that is used during Holy Anointing services. If you were to attend one of these services, you would likely see the spoon being used. So, what’s the story behind this special spoon? Read on to find out!

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History of Anointing Spoon

The anointing spoon is a ceremonial spoon used in the Christian rite of anointing the sick. It is also known as the Holy Ampulla, or simply as the oil stock. And, it is believed to be a direct descendant of the cruet, or ampulla, which used to hold holy water in early Christianity.

The anointing spoon is used to administer the oil to the person being anointed. The oil is believed to have special spiritual power that can heal the sick person. Moreover, the anointing spoon is usually made of metal, and it has a long handle so that it can reach the person being anointed easily.

Also, the anointing spoon is an important part of Christianity and has been used since the early days. In James 5:14, we read “Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.” The anointing spoon is mentioned in the New Testament and is a symbol of healing and hope.

The use of oil for medicinal purposes dates back to ancient times, and it was a natural progression to use it for spiritual healing as well. In the early Church, oils were blessed by bishops and used for various purposes, including anointing those who were ill.

Today, the anointing spoon is most commonly used in the Roman Catholic rite of Extreme Unction, or Last Rites. The priest blesses the oil and then uses the spoon to apply it to the forehead and hands of the person who is dying or near death.

The anointing of the sick with oil is a powerful sacrament that has been practiced by Christians for centuries. If you or a loved one are nearing the end of life, consider asking your priest to perform this sacred ritual.

1. Anointing Spoon British Crown Jewels

The Anointing Spoon is a golden spoon that is used to anoint the Sovereign during the Coronation ceremony. It is decorated with diamonds, pearls, and other precious stones. The spoon is a symbol of power and authority.

2. 12th Century Gold Anointing Spoon

In the 12th century, gold anointing spoons were used to administer the sacrament of holy oil. These spoons typically featured religious symbols and scenes from the Bible. The bowl of the spoon held the oil, while the stem was used to apply it to the forehead or other parts of the body.

3. Ancient Silver Anointing Spoon

The anointing spoon is a ceremonial spoon used in the Christian rite of baptism. The anointing spoon is usually silver and is used to apply the oil of chrism during the sacrament.

Moreover, the anointing spoon has a long and rich history, dating back to the early days of Christianity. In the early church, baptism was often done by immersion and the anointing spoon was used to pour oil over the head of the person being baptized. Today, most baptisms are done by sprinkling water on the head of the person being baptized, but the anointing spoon is still used in some churches.

Also, the anointing spoon is a powerful symbol of Christianity and is a treasured part of many churches’ traditions. The anointing spoon is a reminder of our baptismal promises and our need for God’s grace. It is also a reminder of God’s love for us and His desire to cleanse us from our sinfulness.

4. British Anointing Spoon

A British anointing spoon is a specially designed spoon used to anoint people during religious ceremonies. These spoons are usually made of silver and have a long handle. The bowl of the spoon is often decorated with symbols or images representing the person being anointed.

Purpose of Anointing Spoon

  • Anointing spoons are traditionally used for applying oil to the forehead or other parts of the body during a religious ceremony.
  • They can also be used for transferring oil from one container to another.
  • Moreover, anointing spoons are also used as a ladle to pour oil into a bowl or other container.
  • Also, anointing spoons can be used to apply scented oil to the skin.
  • Finally, anointing spoons can be used as a utensil for eating food that has been blessed or consecrated.


We have come to the end of our exploration of the anointing spoon. We have seen that this utensil has a long and interesting history and that it is still used today in some Christian denominations.

The anointing spoon is a reminder that we are all sinners in need of God’s grace. It is also a reminder that we are all called to be priests and kings in God’s Kingdom.

If you have never used an anointing spoon before, I encourage you to try it next time you participate in Communion. I think you will find it to be a moving and meaningful experience.

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Written by Abhinav Anand