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The Caviar Spoon: Mother of Pearl Spoon

Caviar Spoon

Caviar is the roe of specific species of sturgeon, primarily those living in the Caspian Sea between Iran and Russia. These delicate eggs are cleaned carefully and then lightly salted before canning. Caviar is considered one of the world’s most prized delicacies, and a certain amount of ritual is involved in serving it. One tradition consists of using a special caviar spoon to prevent caviar berries from taking on a metallic, unpleasant taste.

Usually, a caviar spoon is carved from bone, glass, mother-of-pearl, or natural horn. However, there’s a popular myth that caviar can’t be served using a metal spoon. Caviar is packed and shipped inside metal cans without obtaining a metallic taste. Some food experts suggest that sterling silver transfers an unpleasant flavor to caviar, yet an inert metal like gold won’t. There are such things as gold-plated or gold caviar spoons. Also, a plastic spoon may serve as a caviar spoon in emergencies.

To serve caviar correctly, you must use a spoon made of mother-of-pearl. This material doesn’t transfer any unpleasant flavors to delicate caviar berries. Mother-of-pearl has an elegant opalescent glow that looks great on a formal table setting. If you’re ready to serve caviar, buying a mother-of-pearl caviar spoon set is a great idea.

Caviar spoons designed for bone or natural horn are best suited for serving caviar at formal events. The material used is not as crucial as the spoon’s non-reactive nature. Caviar spoons are designed to hold a small amount of caviar so the guest can place it onto a cracker or toast point. Communal caviar spoons may be used at buffet-style events, or guests may be given their spoons at seated dinner arrangements.

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History of Caviar Spoons

Caviar spoons have a long and storied history. Though their origins are unknown, they are believed to date back to the early caviar production in the Persian Empire. Caviar was a highly coveted delicacy in the Persian Empire, and only the wealthy could afford to enjoy it.

mother of pearl spoon

One needed a special spoon made of gold or silver to enjoy caviar. These spoons were often elaborately decorated, and they became a symbol of wealth and power. Caviar spoons eventually made their way to Europe, where they were introduced to the Russian aristocracy. The Russian elite embraced caviar and made it their own. They began to use caviar spoons to show off their wealth and status. Caviar spoons became a staple of Russian society and remain popular today.

Different Shapes and Structures of Caviar Spoons

1. Mother Of Pearl Spoon

mother of pearl caviar spoon

This is the spoon you’ve seen in advertisements, movies, and anywhere caviar is served. Nacre, the mother of pearl, is a unique composite material made from organic and inorganic compounds. The material is produced as an inner shell layer by mollusks (think snails, clams, and nautilus) and is made of amazing hexagonal platelets of calcium carbonate. When crafted into a spoon, this iridescent material creates a gorgeous bright contrast against the dark grey and green caviar pearls. It offers a robust, reliable, non-reactive surface that only enhances the dining experience.


pearl spoon for caviar

You won’t find tortoiseshell spoons at your local kitchen goods store because the material comes from an endangered species. Selling shells is illegal in most countries. However, tortoiseshell spoons were the go-to material for kings, queens, and elite guests who enjoyed caviar centuries ago. Imitation tortoiseshells might be available and are composed of plastic and biomaterials.

3. Animal Horn

caviar spoons amazon

When serving caviar, animal horns from bison and buffalo are often used as substitutes for mother-of-pearl spoons. They come in cool colors, have a strong structure, and won’t negatively react with your caviar. For a fun twist on the classic nacre spoons, check out what’s available for animal horn spoons—sustainable, of course.

4. Wood

best caviar spoons

While not a popular choice, wooden spoons can be used to serve caviar instead of metal utensils. One reason for this is that the wood does not provide as much of a contrast with the pearls as metal does. Additionally, the wood is somewhat grippy and absorbent. Although wooden spoons will stain if mixed with caviar oils for too long, this option is miles better than using metal.

5. Glass

best spoon for caviar

Although sleek and transparent glass, it’s not used as often as other materials to make caviar serving spoons. This is probably because glass is more delicate and can break easily.

6. Gold

Gold Caviar Spoons

Are you looking to add a touch of luxury to your next caviar serving? Gold is the way to go! Gold serving spoons add a touch of elegance and style to any caviar presentation. So if you’re looking to impress your guests, go for the real deal and grab yourself some gold flatware.

7. Plastic

antique mother of pearl caviar spoons

You might think plastic and caviar should never be on the same table, but these little disposable spoons are used all the time, even in high-end settings. Plastic is cheap, ensures sanitation, and most importantly, doesn’t affect the flavor of the caviar.

Material Used in Making Caviar Spoons

A caviar spoon is a small spoon that is used to scoop caviar from a jar or tin. The most common material for a caviar spoon is mother-of-pearl, which is a smooth and lustrous material that is gentle on the caviar. Other materials that can be used for a caviar spoon include gold, silver, and even plastic. The important thing is that the spoon is small and has a bowl that is shallow enough to hold a single caviar egg.

Caviar Spoons Uses:

Caviar spoons are only use for eating caviar (Caviar is a luxury food made from the eggs of certain types of sturgeon fish. The term “caviar” comes from the Persian word for egg, which is “khyah”. The most prized types of caviar are Beluga, Ossetra, and Sevruga.)


Delicate foods like pearls require a spoon that won't ruin their texture - that's where caviar spoons come in. These spoons are designed with smooth, rounded edges so you can enjoy your food exactly as it was intended. No more ruined delicate textures or sharp edges - just pure pearl-eating pleasure.
When setting a formal table, every detail should be perfect - and that includes the flatware. Caviar spoons are a stunning option for a touch of elegance. Their simple shape and the subtle glow of the pearl material beautifully accentuate caviar in a dish and make it even more appetizing. Whether you're serving red or black caviar, these spoons are a perfect choice.
The shape of such spoons is carefully thought-out to hold just the perfect amount of caviar. It is convenient to use during dinner and it is deep enough so that caviar doesn’t spill everywhere.

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