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Absinthe Spoon: Flavor of Absinthe with Right Spoon

Absinthe Spoon

An absinthe spoon is a tool specially made for preparing absinthe, a strong alcoholic drink. You put the absinth spoon over the glass, then put a sugar cube on the spoon. Then you slowly drip cold water over the sugar until it melts and falls into the glass.

This sweetens the drink. All absinthe spoons, regardless of design, have one common purpose: to help you make the perfect absinthe drink. The most important feature of an absinthe spoon is the slots or holes that allow water to drip slowly and evenly over the sugar cube. This is key to ensuring that the drink is properly diluted and not too sweet.

The absinthe spoon, also known as an absinthian, is an essential part of the absinthe ritual. This ritual was developed in the 19th century and involves pouring water over a sugar cube placed on the absinthe spoon. The absinth spoon is usually made of metal and has a long handle. if you are interested to know more about absinthe spoon, and absinthe spoon uses, keep reading!


Absinthe spoon was originally found in the late 19th century and used in the preparation of a traditional French or Swiss absinthe drink during absinthe rituals.

There is some argument between absinthe historians as to when precisely the traditional absinthe ritual originated. Definitely, there is no proof that it was ever normal to drink absinthe neat. Absinthe was drunk with the addition of both water and sugar from at least the 1850s, and probably earlier.

Absinthe was by no means unique in this respect – 19th-century drinkers had a far sweeter tooth when it came to alcohol than we have today, and other drinks and cordials were also regularly sweetened with sugar. They were usually served with a long cordial spoon or a kind of swizzle now called an absinthe spoon.

The use of an absinthe spoon specifically for absinthe was a later development, which appears to have originated in the 1870s and only became common worldwide in the 1880s and 1890s. From the 1890s afterward, it seems, on the evidence of existing engravings and cartoons, that almost all absinthes in bars and cafes are served with a perforated spoon.

It’s hard to determine how widespread the use of special spoons would be all over France. If we consider only Parisian journals, it seems that most people did not use them. But in other poorly-documented parts of rural France, who knows?

The testimony of two elderly Pontissalienne ladies quoted in Benoit Noel’s book “L’Absinthe Un Myth Toujours Vert”, the use of absinthe spoons was not ever common in Pontellier. Dozens probably hundreds, of posters and advertising cartons produced in Pontellier and Covet show absinthe being served with a perforated spoon.

Some Popular Absinthe Spoon to Buy

Different Shapes and Structures of Absinthe Spoons

1. Wormwood Leaf Absinthe Spoon

Wormwood Leaf Absinthe Spoon

The Wormwood spoon is by far our most requested spoon. It is also one of the most sought-after spoons by collectors of antique absinthe goods. On the grate of the spoon is a large wormwood plant, Artemisia absinthium (the key ingredient in absinthe). A banner is woven through the wormwood plant, which sometimes contained advertising text on the original spoons.

This spoon is used in the preparation of traditional French or Swiss absinthe. Traditional absinthe is made by pouring an ounce of absinthe into an absinthe glass, then placing an absinthe spoon on top of glass and a sugar cube on top of the spoon. Ice water slowly drips onto a piece of sugar from a fountain, carafe, or balancer. Cold sugar water then drips from a spoon into a glass with absinthe oils and perfumes the environment with fennel, wormwood, and anise. The combination will also start to turn milky white as the water mixes with the anise.

2. Alandia Feuilles Absinthe Spoon

Wormwood Leaf Absinthe Spoon

This absinthe spoon is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite absinthe. The Alandia Feuilles Absinthe Spoon is made of high-quality stainless steel and features a beautiful Absinthe leaf design. This spoon is the perfect size for stirring your absinthe and adding the perfect amount of sugar to your drink. The Alandia Feuilles Absinthe Spoon is a must-have for any absinthe lover.

3. True Absinthe Spoon

Wormwood Leaf Absinthe Spoon

A true absinthe spoon is a work of art. Unlike the mass-produced spoons, you’ll find in most absinthe kits, a true absinthe spoon is handmade from the finest materials. The bowl of the spoon is usually crafted from silver, and the handle is often decorated with detailed designs.

A true absinthe spoon is more than just a utensil – it’s a symbol of the absinthe-drinking lifestyle. If you’re serious about absinthe, then you need a true absinthe spoon in your collection.


4. ORNOOU Absinthe Spoon

Wormwood Leaf Absinthe Spoon

This is an absinthe spoon that is made of stainless steel. It is a great addition to any absinthe glass or set. The spoon has a long handle that is perfect for stirring the absinthe. The spoon also has a small bowl that is perfect for holding the sugar cubes.

Material Used in Making Absinthe Spoon

A traditional absinthe spoon is made from a sturdy material that has a long handle is heat resistant also. The most common materials used for absinthe spoons are metal, glass, or ceramic. Some absinthe spoons are even made from wood. Some other spoons are also made of several materials, namely silver, copper, zinc, nickel alloys, nickel, and aluminum.


Absinthe spoons are not only for stirring your drink - they can also be used as a measuring tool, a pendant, or even a paperweight. While absinthe spoons vary in size and design, they all have one thing in common: a perforated bowl that is perfect for holding a sugar cube.
Absinthe spoons can be used to measure out the perfect amount of absinthe for your drink. Simply pour the absinthe into the spoon until it reaches the desired level, then add water and enjoy Absinthe. These spoons also make beautiful pendants - simply thread a chain through the perforations and have a unique jewelry piece. And because they are made of metal, absinthe spoons can also be used as paperweights.
Absinthe is a strong drink, and so the sugar is used to help offset the bitterness of the absinthe. The water is also used to help dilute the drink and make it more palatable. The absinthe spoon is an essential tool in the preparation of this drink, and helps to make it more enjoyable to consume.


Absinthe spoons are a key part of the absinthe-drinking experience, and they offer a number of benefits.

First, they help to evenly distribute the absinthe in the glass, which ensures that each sip is properly diluted.
Second, they help to keep the absinthe from swirling around too much, which can result in a less pleasant taste
Finally, they provide a way to measure out the absinthe, which is important since absinthe is typically drunk in small doses.
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